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In 1947, Norman and Georgia Davidsmeyer began transporting school children in central rural Illinois as school districts consolidated and the trip became too far for most students.

The Davidsmeyer’s offered to transport the students of the small farm community, along with their daughter, to a school 10 miles away. As more of the farm community schools were consolidated, the Davidsmeyer’s were hired as the school bus transportation company of choice.


In 1960, Norman and Georgia were awarded the Elk Grove Township Elementary School District transportation contract. They packed up their belongings and headed north to the area where a new airport had just recently been built – O’Hare.


As the thriving community grew, so did the need for more student transportation. Specializing in School District transportation for over 59 years, Davidsmeyer never cuts corners!


We only purchase the best vehicles for the job of transporting our passengers and our nation’s future, your children, safely. At Davidsmeyer, our mission statement has been the same since 1947: “To be a leader in the bus industry by providing safe service and operational excellence.” This mission holds true today, Davidsmeyer is . . . “The Company That Cares”.

Karen A Bingham

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